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Friday, 26 May 2017

Nigeria States Government Allowance (Allawi) For NYSC Corp Members 2017

We are happy you are here and am sure you came here sequel to NYSC state allowance for all carp members. We will be briefing you in this post.
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Important Verification: 
Its obvious that most of the State allowance to corp members may be lower or higher due to change of government and we advice you to use the comment button below the post to give us your update, you can also email us with admin@nansforum.com .

Below Are The States Government Allowance (Allawi) for Nigeria corpers.

1. Akwa Ibom State Government Pays N10,000 to corp members.

2. Lagos state Government Pays N15,000 and some times N10,000 to corp members in ministry and N5000 to corp members in LGA.

3.Sokoto State Government Pays N4,000 and N9,000 to corp members in the state hospital.

4.Enugu State Government Pays N8,000 to corp members.

5.Oyo State Government Pays N3,800 to corp members.

6.Osun State Government Pays N5,000 to corp members.

7.Kano State Government Pays N4,000 to corp members.

8.Borno State Government Pays N1,000 to corp members.

9.Niger State Government Pays N6,000 to corp members.

10.Yobe State Government Pays N2,500 to corp members.

11. Bayelsa State Government Pays N3,000 to corp members.

12. Ekiti State Government Pays N5,000 to corp members.

13. Ogun State Government Pays N5,000 to corp members.

14. Delta States Government Pays N5,000 to corp members.

15. Bauchi State Government Pays N1,250 to corp members.

16.Cross River State Government Pays N3,090 to corp members.

17.Zamfara State Government Pays N3,000 to corp members.

18.Abia State Government Pays N5,000 to corp members.

19.Imo State Government Pays N2,000 to corp members.

20.Taraba state Government Pays N3,000 to corp members.

21. Kaduna State Government Pays 3000 to corp members.

22. Jigawa State Government Pays 10,000 to corp members.

23. Nassarawa State Government Pays 3,000 to corp members.
25. Port Harcourt, Rivers State Government Is still owing corpers within the past 5 years, for me I don't  think this state is cool when it comes to State government allowance to NYSC Corp Members, but with the look of things, Governor Wike's government will surely get things right in the state, which will also favour corp members.

Important Note
Many might be wondering why the states listed are 25 instade of 36 0r 37 (including FCT) states in Nigeria, we are still verifying some state and will be updating this post soon after the verification is approved.

We will be awaiting your updates.
Generally from the whole update, my thought on this is to totally avoid states associated with the current insurgence (Book Harm terrorist attacs) in the country, because our lives are more precious and valuable to the state government allowance, and when there is life, there is hope and greater chances of making more money.

Remember you are the best of your kind.

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