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Friday, 30 June 2017

8 Things JAMB Candidates Preparing For 2017 Supplementary UTME Should know

Its certain that that JAMB 2017 supplementary UTME will hold tomorrow Saturday July 1st, 2017.
Image for JAMB Supplementary 2017
This supplementary exam is for candidates that registered late, candidates whose result were cancelled but did not indulged in Malpractice or other irregularities and candidate that have technical issues during the previous exam.

There are some key unique information candidates preparing for the JAMB 2017 supplementary UTME rescheduled  to hold tomorrow. should know about the exam.

1:  This is a new opportunity given to you to correct your previous mistakes, hence, you have to be very careful to avoid further mistakes or repeating such mistakes.

2: JAMB is so serious about Malpractice and won't hesitate to sanction candidates caught. Do not enter the exam hall with anything that will implicate you.

3: Study your Past questions carefully, to refresh your memory.

4: A copy of your Exam Slip of any colour and a Biro is allowed for the Supplementary Examination.

5: Arrive at the exam Venue on time, at least 1 hour to the exam, this will help you relax and settle for the exam.

6: Your Biometric Verification should be done before and after exam. 

7. Ensure to call the invigilator once the need arise.

8: Have a clear Mindset for this exam, do not be discouraged, do not feel bad and do not see it as stress. Put your best and your results will but the best smile on your face. 

In all stay focused, stay committed, give your best, be positive and the universe will conspire and work for your favour.

Do not hesitate to ask any question concerning tomorrow's exam by clicking the comment button below.

Good Luck.

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UNILORIN 2017/2018 Postgraduate Screening Date and Venue Announced

The qualifying exam for post graduates students of University of Ilorin (UNILORIN) will hold on Saturday 1st July,2017. The exam start by 8:00a.m at the centres listed below.
Image for UNILORIN school Gate
1: The Faculty of Agriculture, New Lecture Theatre
2: The Faculty of Arts and New Lecture Theatre and Halls
3: The Faculty of Communication and Information Sciences Lecture Theatre
4: The Faculty of Education New Lecture Theatre
5: The Faculty of Education Old Lecture Theatre
6: The Faculty of Engineering Lecture Theatre
7: The Faculty of Law Lecture Theatre

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8: The Faculty of Management Sciences and Social Sciences Lecture Theatre
9: The Faculty of Science and New Lecture Theatre (Behind Postgraduate School Building)

Note: Application for Admission Forms closes on Friday, June 30th prior to the examination on Saturday, 1st July, 2017.

Olu Olajugba
Deputy Registrar/Secretary

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Thursday, 29 June 2017

Why Nigerian students prefer going abroad to study

In a century where there is a rapid explosion of knowledge, with necessary emphasis on education and its value in the world systems. There is a mad rush to key into the relevance proffered by educational qualification and its experiences.
However, there is a problem of unparalleled non-challancy in the governments’ interest in building the educational sector. This is sickening, demoralizing and has called for an ardent pursuit for alternatives in countries where such values are not only recognized, but its reward and sector prioritized. A plethora of reasons has called for this educational migration and we may have to look at some of them in the following paragraphs.

On one end, the declining standard of education is reason enough for Nigerian students search for greener pastures abroad. When a student is subjected to study only theories of a practical demanding course for 4years, and probably is only granted access to see the interior of a related lab once. This is a hoax to what he is told true education really is. His curiosity sends him searching. The rise of social media connectedness has exposed the poor academic standards of our country. Students feel ashamed to tell their mates studying same course with them in a different county, but same level, what they are learning. Owing to the fact that our academic syllables are extremely back dated, that we sound like we are learning what they have remained for us 5years ago! This kind of sour experiences make educational minded young students to migrate for and upgraded learning experience.

To some other people, it is Career Opportunities that endear them to leave. When most Nigerian students finish studying abroad and return home, they return with a new perspective on culture, language skills, a great education, and a willingness to learn. Needless to say, all of these are very attractive to future employers. Also, many Nigerians may find that the country they studied in has a lot of opportunities so they seek employment there. For those who return to Nigeria, they get to find that a foreign education is very valuable when searching for a potential job in Nigeria. We have cheapened our hard earned certificates, and adored the slightest ones gotten from any other place but Nigeria.

At the other end of the spectrum, we also see search for Graduate School Admissions as the influencing factor. Like future employers, graduate school admissions boards look very highly on study abroad experiences. Students that study abroad display diversity and show that they aren’t afraid to seek out new challenges or put themselves in difficult situations. Most importantly, students who have studied abroad show just how committed they are to their education. Graduate schools regularly look for candidates who will bring a unique aspect to their university. This makes Nigerian students want to study abroad, especially those seeking graduate school admission in a country different from where they studied.

At some other points, Financial independence is the catch. The influx of Nigerian students into American, Australia, Canadian, German and some other universities outside Africa, is the possibility of flexibility in studying and working. The mere fact that these places have conducive standards of living, good labour laws, and available and well paying job for students that choose to work, makes them a better choice for Nigerian youth. Our youths prefer to borrow money to fund their oversea academic pursuit, because they are close 90% sure of making enough money in less than 2years to offset the loan, and live comfortably.

The nightmare that comes with remembering that there are about 1.5 million students looking for undergraduate placements alone – but there are only half a million places available is sickening. If that alone was the case, it would have been manageable. But the fact that there is a high level of likelihood to join the over 80% unemployed graduate, in a messed up economy is the tipping point. This is a very integral reason for the rush in oversea studies.

On the other hand, there are a lot of other specific reasons which the condition of our education system has coerced some youths into having this preference such as; To Gain a global mind-set, It’ll look good on your CV, the fact that ‘it is an intercultural environment which makes learning seem global because I have been able to relate with other students from different parts of the world through series of discussions and group work.’ Irrespective of whatever reason any youth may give, its justification lies in the inconsistencies and non-devotedness of our government to building our educational system.

This calls for the bigger question,
what is the way out? What if our government declares a state of emergency on the educational sector with a concrete plan of a revamp? What if our government restructure the syllables to reflect current trends and knowledge requirement, such that students don’t study decimated subjects or topics in their fields? What if the government upgrade and closely monitor the tertiary institutions, to ensure that students are reasonably admitted within the limits of the school’s capacity to manage effectively? What if the school system provides well laboratories and controlled regular access for student to experiment theoretical knowledge? What if our country passes a policy that places higher premium value on certificates gotten from our schools after this academic revamp? What if Graduate admissions and requirement are tailored to suit the dreams of our undergraduates as they complete their studies? What if our governments create a cost effective and quality standard cost of living environment for her citizens? What if our government work on our economy enough to offer economic opportunities for students to key into and make sound living while studying? What if our governments make available more scholarship opportunities without stressful and bureaucratic excesses in accessing them before qualifying from a nepotism based choice? What if Our government takes the conscious decision to act?

We will be better than this. We will have the influx into our country. And we will be highly prized intellectuals with worldwide relevance, operating to the benefit of our father land.
Finally, the onus lies much more in our government than our youths. The preference is only a reaction to governmental action and inactions towards the educational system of our country. It is said, you cannot cut off someone’s nose, and give him a rose to smell. Our government has expose us to the realities of education, cut us way from the experience, and expects us to enjoy the dilapidated system while we have a burning passion for the real experience.

I dare the government to fulfil its obligation, and see how much an educational haven Nigeria is destined to be.

Author: Obiyo Daniel
Michael Okpara University of Agricultural Umudike (MOUAU)

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Wednesday, 28 June 2017

JAMB Exam Slip Printing Of 2017 UTME Supplementary Rescheduled For July 1st Begins - See Procedure

The Joint Admission And Matriculation Board (JAMB) has opened the portal for the supplimentry UTME resheduled to hold on July !st, 2017.
Image for JAMB Supplementary 2017 UTME Procedures
Candidates are advised to print their examination schedule for free from this portal.

However, if you are having issues receiving emails or printing the exam schedule through the JAMB profile, you can now do that through the direct portal for printing of JAMB exam slip.

You can confirm your Exam Centre Venue, Exam Date and Exam Time Schedule through the exam slip. If you have already printed your exam slip from the email you recieved from JAMB or JAMB profile, there is no need reprinting unless there is need to re-confirm for accuracy.

The procedure we stated below will guild you if you want to re-confirm your Exam slip.

Note that to print the exam slip can best be done with a computer system and a printer attached to it. For Exam Slip confirmation, DO NOT USE OPERA MINI.

Procedure On How To Print UTME EXam Slip Through JAMB Portal

1: Visit the official JAMB Portal using this link: and then click on the button that says "UTME 2017 Rescheduled Exam Slip".

To visit the direct Exam Slip Reprinting Portal, Click Here.

If you are having problems using the links above, try using Internet Explorer Browser or switch to another service provider apart from MTN or GLO.

2: When the next page opens, Input your Email address or JAMB Registration Number  you used while registering for JAMB in the space provided.

3: Click on "Print Examination Slip" button to Pop-Up your Exam slip.

4: You can now print by holding the  "ctrl" button and  letter "P" button on the keyboard (at the same time) to print the slip (your printer must be attached to the system to print your slip).

It is necessary to print at least 2 copies of your UTME Slip with the coloured printer, this is because you may be required to submit it at the exam hall, and keep the remaining for reference purpose

The portal may be slow but keep trying until you have printed your Exam slip successfully.

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Tuesday, 27 June 2017

FCE Zaria Notice To Part-Time Students On Payment Of Fees for 2016/2017

To all Part-time students of Federal College of Education, Zaria, you are therefore notified that the deadline for course registration and payment of fees has been released.
Students are instructed by the management to make payments of fees and registration on or before July 20th, 2017.

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BASU 3rd and Supplementary Part-time Admission List 2016/2017

The Bauchi State University (BASU) authorities has published the 2016/2017 academic session admission list of candidates admitted into the part-time degree programme of the institution.
The list include supplementary and the 3rd batch of admitted candidates.

To access the list, click on the links below to access the list.

View/download 3rd Batch Admission List.

View/download Supplementary Batch Admission List.

View/ download 1st and 2nd Batch Admission List.

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Nasarawa State E-libraries Constructed to Serve 1.9m Users

There are five e-libraries esterblished by the Project Support Unit (PSU) of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) situated in Nasarawa state. These e'libraries can acomodate 900 users at the same time and can provide services to over 1,000,000 homes within the state.
As was disclosed by Dr Salisu Raj, Senior Special Assistant to Governor Umaru Al-Makura on SDGs,  said that the e-libraries located in Karu and Nasarawa local governments and Akwanga, can accommodate 100 readers each at a time while e-libraries in Lafia and Keffi local government areas were designed to accommodate 300 readers at a time .

He also said that the reterdation in the reading culture will be reinvigorated and restored, for the digital needs of all Nasarawa State citizens. He further said that anybody can have access to the e-libraries portal anywhere in the world, if registered with them.

Head, Bureau of Information and Communication Technology, Hamza Elayo said the e-libraries would be maintained on receiving the Hand-Over Notes from Raj, Special Adviser to the Governor.

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Monday, 26 June 2017

UI Notice On Resumption Of Undergraduate Academic Activities 2016/2017

The University of Ibadan Senate have looked at the cause of the  students crisis of May 29th, 2017, which resulted to the suspension of undergraduate academic activities in the institution.
The decision of the Senate after extensive deliberation during its unique meeting on June 23rd, 2017 are stated below.

1: The students should return to campus on Sunday, 02 July, 2017, this is to continue the first semester 2016/2017 Academic Session that was suspended.

2: The students should report to their respective Halls of Residence from Sunday, 02 July to Monday, 03 July 2017;

3: The first semester examinations for 2016/2017 academic session will start on Tuesday, 04 July, 2017 at the various Faculties;

5: First semester registration printouts, among other measures put in place is a prerequisite into the exam hall.

All students are advised to behave well, and mind the content of the oaths they sworn during matriculation and abide in them.

On behalf of the Governing Council, Senate,University Management and the entire University community, I wish all students a safe return and a successful academic session.
OlujimiIretolaOlukoya, FPA,MNIM

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WAEC To Charge Extra Fee For Collection Of GCE Certificates Older Than 4 Years

Henceforth, a custody fee will be paid by GCE candidates who delayed to collect their certificate within a period of four (4) years, as was imposed by the West African Examinations Council.
This was disclosed during  a phone interview between the journalist and Ojijeogu Demianus, the Head of public Affairs Department, WAEC, Nigeria.

He further said that N3,500 is the normal charge for the certificate, which will be paid by candidates whose certificate were issued not more than the fourth year.

However candidates whose results were issued from five to nine years will pay a custodian fee of N8,500, also, ten to fourteen years will pay N13,500, fifteen to nineteen years will pay N18,500 while 20 years and above will be charged  a custodian fee of N23,500.

Ojijeogu Demianus also said that the certificates are occupying a lot of space at their office and the custodian fee was initiated so that candidates will collect their certificates on time.

He also said that sworn of affidavit from the High Court, an application letter,  online result print- out, photo card and identity card. one passport-size photograph, are the requirements for collection of the GCE certificates within Nigeria

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Friday, 23 June 2017

Babcock University 2017/2018 Admission Screening Date Change

To all Babcock University admission screening candidates. Based on the public holiday declared by the Federal Government, the screening exercise which was stated Tuesday, Jun 27, 2017 have been rescheduled for Thursday June 29, 2017.

 Image for babcock University

Also prospective candidates and guardians of Babcock University can call care line for further inquiries.

Sorry for inconveniences.

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Thursday, 22 June 2017

2017 Full Tuition Scholarships At University Of Westminster, UK

Scholarship application at the University of Westminster UK are opened for international students who wish to study a degree program.
Image for University Of Westminster, UK
The scholarship offer is for the full tuition fee of eligible candidates and does not cover accommodation, and other living expenses.


1: Candidates must be International students.

2: Candidates must have completed their bachelors degree program.

3: Candidates must have applied for a course of study at University of Westminster, UK.

4: Candidates must have good academic records.

Application Process:

1: The application form should be download here and filled completely.

2: The Completed application forms should be submitted to :

Scholarships Office
University of Westminster
Cavendish House
101 New Cavendish Street
London W1W 6XH
United Kingdom

Application Deadline:

All application forms are expected to have been received by the scholarship office at University of Westminster UK before October 13th, 2017.

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UNIJOS ACEPRD Short Courses Admission 2017

The following short intensive course in Phytomedicine Research and Development (ACEPRD) have been introduced by African Centre of Excellence in Phytomedicine, University of Jos.
Image for Unijos and Logo
1: Certificate course in Phytomedicine: 3 months duration.

2: Diploma in Phytomedicine:  9 months duration.

3: Advanced diploma in Phytomedicine: 9 months duration.

Entry requirements: 
For Diploma programme: School leaving certificate

For Diploma programme: SSCE/GCE/WASC at least 2 passes in Biology, Health Science or integrated sciences

For Advanced Diploma- B. Pharm, Diploma in Phytomedicine, Bsc. Biological sciences or any relevant qualification.

1: Certificate Programme- N20, 000

2: Diploma Programme- N 40, 000

3: Advanced diploma programme- N50, 000

Tuition and course materials are inclusive in the fees

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JAMB 2017 UTME Important Information For Foreign Candidates

This is to notify all foreign Jamb candidates  for 2017 UTME, that the board has directed them to upload their documents.
Foreign Candidates are those who have spent a minimum of 3 months outside Nigeria.

The photocopy documents to be uploaded by each candidate include:

1: International Passport

2: Embassy Certification

3: Evidence of residence outside Nigeria

Note: Any candidate who have written the 2017 UTME in Nigeria is not eligible.

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Wednesday, 21 June 2017

FG Denies Report on Removal of CRK From Secondary School Curriculum

The report of removing Christian Religious Studies (CRK) as a subject of study, from secondary school curriculum and introducing Islamic Religious Studies, have been debunked by the Ministry of Education.
Mrs. Chinenye Ihuoma who is the Director of Press, Federal Ministry of Education, stated that a new subject known as Religion and National Values have been introduced by the ministry. She further said that Social Studies, CRK, IRS, and Civic Education have been merged into Religion and National Values.

Mrs. Ihuoma told reporters that the full details are not yet disclosed, but when there is period for such subject, students will attend class based on their own religion.

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85,000 JAMB Candidates Set To Write 2017 Supplementary UTME On July 1st

About 85,000  candidates will write the Jamb supplementary Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME) on Saturday July 1st, 2017.
This was stated by Dr. Fabian Benjamin, JAMB's Head of media and Information.

According to him, the examination, is for candidates involved in late registration and those with related issues. This will be spread across some Computer Based Testing (CBT) centres. He also added that notification through test and email have been sent to affected candidates.

However, he said that candidates involved in late registration or any related issue, should check their emails for updates on the examination schedule, or check their status using the boards website.

Candidates who were not listed to participate in the JAMB supplementary examination will not be notified.

Candidates whose results are withheld should check their profile for updates.

JAMB also advised affected candidates to prepare well and behave well to avoid what resulted to  the cancellation of the previous examination.

Good luck to you.

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2017/2018 UBTH School of Midwifery Admission Form on Sale

Admission applications are on at the University of Benin Teaching Hospital (UBTH) School of Midwifery to eligible and suitable candidates for 2017/2018 academic session.
Image for UBTH School of Midwifery Logo
Admission Requirements And Eligibility:

The eligibility and requirements for this admission  are listed below:

1: Candidates who wish to apply, should have at least five (5) CREDITS and not more than two sittings in WASC/SSCE/NECO  and must include English Language, Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry and Physics.

2: Candidate must be a Registered Nurse (RN) with the Nursing & Midwifery Council of Nigeria.

Application Process:

Candidates should get the admission forms at the respective Principals/Heads of Schools Offices when paying for the application fee. The application fee is N46,200 or its equivalent in Dollars or Pounds for foreign applicants.

NOTE: Candidates should ensure that any Payment regarding the application form should be made directly into Federal Government Remita Account.

Deadline: The selling of form will stop on Friday 11th August 2017.

The date schedule for the entrance exam is on Saturday 12th August, 2017 and the time is 8:00am at the School of Midwifery UBTH, Benin City.

Best of luck To You all…

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Tuesday, 20 June 2017

16 Top Class Information You Need to Know Before Entering Nysc Camp

As the NYSC prospective corps members are getting ready for orientation camp, there are some things to have in mind which no one can tell you.
Image for NYSC corp members in camp
However, NansForum.Com Team have put together some information you need to know while preparing for the three weeks orientation camp, as listed below.

1: Ensure to be in camp as early as possible to choose a nice bed space. The orientation course is for three weeks and you wouldn't like to spend three weeks in a room you don't like.

2: Ensure to carefully choose your room. Locate bunks close to a working wall socket for charging, and a working ceiling fan because of heat. Also choose the top bunk to enjoy the ceiling fan or choose a bunk that is close to the window.

3: It is advice to to get buy a padlock for your bags and a waist pouch for your phones, keys and money. This will help you preserve your valuables.

4: Mosquito Net is necessary. Try going to the camp with a mosquito net. There are dirty and swampy areas in some camps, mosquito net is essential to prevent sickness while in camp.

5: Ensure you write your code number with permanent maker on your cloths, if you plan to give it to the dry cleaners, to avoid mixing it up with others.

6: Set you alarm daily and ensure to wake up on time before the drill instructor arrives.

7: Socialize and make good friends. In camp some corp members meet their spouse, and some destiny helpers.

8: This is crazy, but you can visit the mosque for prayers if you still need more sleep.

9: Drills helps you to keep fit, though it might be stressful initially.

10: Have a schedule on how you spend your money, Things are expensive in camp, hence, it is advised you go with more money depending on your spendings, but if you manage your self well, camp will be fun for you.

11: Get your request letter from the place you prefer for PPA and submit it to your platoon leader on time.

12: Ensure to sleep with any opportunity you have, as you will wake up on time almost everyday.

13: In case you are seriously I'll, ask you platoon leader on how to apply for 'EXEAT'. You will be allowed to go out of the camp and take care of your self.

14: Joining the Martial art classes are fun and will educate you on self-defense. You can also join Martial art if you don't want to march with your platoon.

15: It is important to fill the 'BOOK OF LIFE' while in camp.

16: Finally have fun as much as you can.

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Monday, 19 June 2017

Top Secrets First Class Students Will Never Tell You

For students especially fresh men who really what to graduate with first class honours, there are some secrets first class students will never tell you.
Image for first class students
1: They Attend lecture:
Some first Class students and graduates will testify that attending lectures is essential if you want to be a first class student. Most first class students make their notes during lectures and this helps to remind them how the lecturer taught while in class.

2: They are good Crammers:
Although it is advised that you should read and understand, but most brilliant students cram. This helps them to write down their answers using the lecturer's words. Hence, to attain first class grades, you must be a good crammer. Cramming and understanding yields an excellent result.

3: They Always Want to Know Everything:
One of the greatest quality first class students possess is being versatile. They always read to understand everything. Some make more research on their own to gain a clear knowledge of their courses. They like to read everything related to their topic or course and this gives them a broad understand, hence help them to write excellently well.

4: They are Goal setters:
First class students always have a goal they strive so hard to achieve. There is always a vision set by first class students, which must be achieved.

5: Always Love to Teach Others:
Teaching others helps you to understand well and never forget easily. This technique is always adopted by most first class students.

6: First class students in a relationship:
Most first class students don't have girlfriend or boyfriend. Studies is the primary reason of being in school, therefore studies should be allocated more time. Relationship attracts emotions and this always disorganize a students and results to low grade or decrease in academic performance.

7: They are gifted:
Its obvious and certain that all hands are not equal, however, it takes a gifted student to graduate as a first class student. Its not compulsory that every student must be a first class student. Do not hurt your self as you are excellent in some other field.

8: They never give up in Working & Praying:
First class graduates are committed and consistent in studies and praying to God. When this two are combined effectively, a student can be seen in first class students list.

My advice to all students, commitment and consistency in studies go a long way to get you a first class. Always focus on your studies and not school activities.

Most first class students do not read much like 24/7 but always find out their convenient time, when they can understand well. Hence Identify your convenient moment.

Also first class students are principled and discipline and this help them stick to their goal.

Utilize this secrets and smile to your results. You can also click the comment button to share your points you think should be added.

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Friday, 16 June 2017

Addition and Correction of Names for NYSC 2017 Batch A Corp Members

This is to notify all 2017 NYSC Corp Members of Batch A Stream 1 who have spelling errors on their names to apply for correction of name using their dashboard.
Image for NYSC Logo
However corp members who wish to add names should go back to their institution of graduation and the institution will send this request directly to NYSC.

Note that the addition and correction of names should be done between the first six months into the serving year.

Corp members with these challenges are advised to do this on time before its late.

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2017/2018 Edo State Poly HND Full-time and ND Part-time Admission Form Released

Edo State Institute of Technology and Management, Usen (Edo State Polytechnic) is offering admission into full-time HND programmes and ND part time to eligible candidates  for the 2017/2018 academic session.
Image for Edo State polytechnic Logo

Electrical/Electronics Engineering, Computer Science

ND Part-Time Programmes are offered in the underlined schools:
School of Applied Sciences
School of Engineering
School of Environmental Studies
School of Business Studies

Admission Form can be obtained by prospective candidates by using ATM Card for payment on the School Website www.esitmusen.edu.ng.

ND/Part-time and HND Full-time is N5,500

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Thursday, 15 June 2017

Why School Infrastructure is Important for a Child's Growth.

A child spends utmost time in school as a student and gradually the school becomes a second home for every student.
The school infrastructure plays a major role on how a child sees the world as he/she grows up. School buildings, classrooms, libraries, play grounds, halls, games equipment, proper sanitation facilities, are some infrastructural fundamentals that every school needs and must be provided to it's students.

There are times when irrespective of poor infrastructure students perform meedfully, which proves that everyone is not the same. Nevertheless a good environment can increase the academic performance and encourage high attendance.

Overcrowded environments are associated with decrease levels of students engagement in class and obviously adds to the growth of aggression in students.

Many researchers over the past has consistently found that school infrastructures impact teaching and learning intellectually and must be provided for students in every school.

Author: Jinanwa Faithful
Georgia University USA

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Wednesday, 14 June 2017

2016/2017 FUNAAB Course Registration Deadline And Payment Of Fees.

Federal University of Agriculture Abeokuta (FUNAAB) Senate stated that most of the students have not registered for 2016/2017 academic session at the 210th statutory meeting held on Thursday, 8th June, 2017.
Image for funaab logo
The Senate stated that the above is against the university approved calendar which states that registration could have been closed on Friday 21th April 2017

The extension of Calendar till Friday 23rd June, 2017 was approved by the Senate to enable students who have registration issues, resolve it and register before the deadline.

However any student of the institution who did not register before the stipulated deadline will be sanctioned based on the extent rule.
Hence students who have not registered are advised to do so in order to avoid the sanction.

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Thursday, 8 June 2017

Life After School: What's Next After Graduation

There are a lot of joy as the final year students celebrates after their second semester final paper. The question still remain "What is next after graduation". What do you plan after school. A lot of students find it hard to answer this question.
Image for Graduation

This is a period when everyone looks up to you. This is a period when you live an independent life without expecting the normal pocket money you get from your parents, uncles and aunts.

After spending four, five, or six years in school, what can you offer. The point is that most undergraduates do not have plan of what life after school will look like and may be carried away with studies and other school activities.

However, some undergraduates are filled with the mindset of graduating, going for NYSC, then Job. Have you ever thought of the number of students graduating from the same department with you in the same institution? Have you ever thought of the number of tertiary institutions in the country? Have you ever thought of the number of students in the same discipline with you and graduating with you from this institutions. From a general view, there are thousands of students with similar discipline graduating every year from the higher institutes across the country. What makes you think you will get the Job?

It is quite unfortunate that we find ourselves in a country like Nigeria, where Job, Security, and other amenities is a big challenge. A country where its economy is affecting the poor and the rich.

Therefore it takes a unique graduate with innovative, creative and industrious abilities to top the chart. From facts, most of the successful billionaires and millionaires in the word never attended the higher institution or where still undergraduates when they got to the pick. David Geffen, Micky Arison, Lex Wexnee, Steve Jobs, Mark Zucherberg, Him Saban, John Paul Dejoria, and David Green were all successful without graduating from college or University.
Image for What's Next After Graduation
It takes determination, commitment and consistency to be successful. The 35th President of United States, John F. Kennedy once said that you should not ask what the country will do for you rather ask what you will do for the country.

NYSC is a whole one year and you can use it to plan for future.
Every Man has that unique potential installed by God and that is what makes you different from others. Use this one year and equip yourself with skills. This country needs one to be versatile and unleash this unique potentials to make a difference.

Generally, there are three factors that will push you to the pick in this our generation, they include the skills you have, the talents you possess and your discipline. This three factors gives you a bridge over others.

Finally, wake up, plan your future, stay committed and consistent in what you do.

Pray, Decide wisely, Keep striving and stand out of the crowd.

May God grace and help your effort.

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Why JAMB's Grade Point System is Not a Criteria into Tertiary Institutions In Nigeria

The results of candidates who participated in the recently concluded UTME revealed that most Candidates did well in the examination. Jamb developed a grade point system which will serve as a Criteria into the tertiary institutions in Nigeria.
Image for Jamb Logo
This system involves the use of Jamb scores and O'level results integrated into points to determine candidates to be enrolled into the higher institutions.

However, many tertiary institutions in Nigeria adopt a different system instead of the one developed by Jamb. This can be seen in last year's admission where Lagos State University (LASU) uses 10 point for A1 in all O'level results and the same year, University of Ibadan (UI) uses 6 points for all O'level results. The above shows that this model developed by Jamb is not used by all the tertiary institutions across the country and as such different Criteria are used by different institutions.

Also, the use of Catchment Area List, Admission quota, educationally Less developed states (ELDS) are used by almost all the  tertiary institutions in the country. Now if the above Criteria are used to offer admissions to candidates into the tertiary institutions, then candidates who have low average are admitted while candidates with higher average are not admitted, hence the grade point system are not used.

In fact the offer of admission into tertiary institutions in Nigeria requires influence or what is called "IM" then in addition with Jamb scores and O'level grades.

All this sounds discouraging, but you don't have to be discouraged. We all have to be optimistic that in years to come, admissions will be given on a merit ground as it is done in other countries. This post was published to help you take decisions like Change of institutions, Change of course and also get you prepared.

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Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Important Notice to All Ajayi Crowther University Students

To all students of Ajayi Crowther University, you are informed that based on the decision taken by the principal officers and the Deans as held on Tuesday, 2nd may, 2017, any student who resumes back to the Campus from easter break being Wednesdays, 3rd may, 2017 will not write the ongoing second semester exam.
Image for Ajayi Crowther University gate
As stated above, they have failed to satisfy 75%of attending to lectures which is a prerequisite to participate in the ongoing second semester exam and this disobeys the University's management directives.

They are judged to absent themselves from the second semester exam voluntarily, and such students may be considered to enroll for second semester, attend lectures and write the exam in the next possible academic section.

It is advised that students should request for an official permission before staying away from school and reasons for being absent should be reasonable reasons especially medical reasons.

However students with indecent dress code will not be allowed into the lecture room and exam halls. Also, all four law courses taken during the first semester examination, have been canceled and will be retaken during the second semester examination.

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6 Major Reasons Why Students Hate Teachers

Students like every other person have feelings and reactions over certain things. Some students are shortsighted and immature, this affects their understanding on how teachers behave.
Image for Harsh Teacher

However you may think that your students don't hate you. Some students don't hate teacher and you may be one in a million that students love. There is a clear probability that some of your students hate you and you may not realise it. Below are some  reasons why students hate teachers.

1. Too Much Rules and Strictness:
Students are already face with a lot of rules most at home and will be ever happy whenever  they can exercise freedom. Hence, students have a lot of hatred on teachers with much rules as they are generally seen as wicked.

However, a teacher who is strict, should expect a lot of hatred from students, because students are like every other person and will like to exercise freedom.

2. Display of Partiality :
The display of public favouritism where a teacher shows more interest on some students especially intelligent students than the dull ones will cause a lot of hatred. Students like every other person want to be loved and cared for.

A teacher who favours some students and not all will be hated by many students even some he is interested in.

3. Assignments: 
Students generally dislikes assignments and sees it stressful. Teachers who gives tideous, complex and plenty assignments are seen by students as teachers who stress them a lot.

Students needs time to have fun or play and not allocating the entire time on assignments.

4: Sarcasm:
Students dislikes teachers who mocks them and hates them a lot. This is not good on students and can make them feel inferior.

It is not funny but looks childish and brings a lot of hatred on teachers.

5. Contacting Parents:
The awful thing students don't want to hear is " I will call your Mum", "I will call your Dad", " come along with your parents to school tomorrow".

Most teacher do this and end up not loved by students.

6. Lack of Preparation:
A teacher who  is not prepared for lecture ends up being confused and students hates this. Teachers should always prepare for class before teaching and by doing this will teach extensively to the best understanding of the students and also tackle questions asked by students.

Do you need my advise? Alright.
Students are like every normal person, they need love, care, companionship and freedom. Teachers should be friendly to all their students. Teachers should show care and love to all their students. Hear them out, talk to them softly, educate them on things outside the syllabus.

While teaching, make your class lively and bring up funny jokes, tell educating stories outside the syllabus. Always stay around your students as it creates a strong relationship bond. Do not place strict rules on your students. If all this are applied, there will be a great student teacher relationship and learning will be smooth, learning will look like mother daughter conversation. Where an interactive class can be achieved and teachers can easily figure out the weak point of students and work on it.

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Tuesday, 6 June 2017

5 Secret Strategies to all Exam Success

For a successful exam that results to good grades, students should deploy a host of different strategies when preparing for, and taking, their exams. Below are some strategies to be adopted.
Image for Exam success
1. Start Early and Plan Ahead: This is the
major strategy. Students are advised to begin as soon as they start their study course by making learning a regular habit just as hubby. Hence students should adopt a study habit by studying from the first day.

Also planning a study approach and sticking to it should be adopted as this will serve as a guild that structures other strategies.

The aim is not just to pass the exam but to get to know as much as possible about a particular area. The earlier you start the better your chances of covering the whole syllabus and gaining a good mark.

2. Relating Study with Life:
Relating studies with life events and things around us helps to remember easily during revision.

This is a quintessential strategy adopted by most successful students. This helps to create a clear picture on what have been studied to the memory and helps for easy remembrance.

3. Study With Past Questions:
The use of past questions help to enlighten the student how a particular exam looks like over the years.

This is a great secret adopted by most successful students as it creates a clear overview of a particular examination. This goes a long way to spur the student's mind on how to strategize a study habit and by so doing a student can cover the entire syllabus even without using the study materials.

4. Revision For Exam Day- Preparatory Tips:
As the day to the exam approaches, students should focus on crucial information and points. A student can develop Likely Exam Questions (L.E.Q) which is tacked. Past questions should also be worked on.

However the recap of the syllabus tricky areas should be focused on. Also find out if negative marking is adopted for the exam.

5. On the Examination Day: 
When faced with exam papers, it is advisable to take a quick look of the questions. Ensure to read the instructions first.

This will help to know what  the exam  is all about and helps to Identify questions to begin with. Ensure to answer all questions if negative marking is not adopted.

After writing an exam  and achieved a good grade, analyze the entire examination.

Identify what went wrong and what went right. Implement it in your next exam and also ensure you adopt the secret strategies.

It is vitally important to focus not just on passing the exam but on absorbing the knowledge you need to become a professional of the highest quality.

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NYSC Should not be Scrapped But Restructured

National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) is a scheme established by the then Head of State General Yakubu Gowon, after the Nigerian civil war 1967-1970, with the mission to unit the country.
Image for NYSC corp members
From the day this scheme was established till date, there are some factors that greatly points out the negative effect of NYSC to Nigerian youths.

1. Insecurity:
With the current insurgency of Boko Haram around the northeastern part of the country, the life's of corp members deployed to states in this region are faced with insecurity which could lead to death.

2.Waste of Time:
NYSC scheme is a compulsory one year program which is a lot of time as youths can engage in other activities that can greatly equip and set them for life. Most Nigerian graduates can start Master programs within or outside the country within this one year interval.

Also with the slow system of Nigerian education where results takes a lot of time to be reconciled by the institution's Senate members, time taken for clearance in the institute a big stress, and NYSC mobilization processes, a student can wait for almost a year before serving the father land. Analysing this, a Nigerian Student spends two years or more after graduating from school before working or begin a Master program which is a huge east of time.

3. NYSC has Over lived its Usefulness:
The usefulness of NYSC is to unit the nation by sending corp members to other part of the country can now be manipulated as most of the corp members work their way out to serve at their State of choice. This involves the bribing some scheme officials hence causing an increase in bribery and corruption in the country.

4. Waste of Resources:
The Federal Government spends a lot of fund that can be used to create an entrepreneurial scheme which will help to equip Nigerian Youths with different skills, by so doing, it will set the life of youth for financial freedom instead of seeking for white corla jobs.

5. Sudden Death of Corpses:
This scheme have caused the death of so many Nigerian youths. Okonta Samuel was a victim as shot dead by some gunmen during the Rivers State reran election held on March 19th 2016. This scheme has caused a lot of loss to families within the country.

For me, I think NYSC should be restructured into an entrepreneurial skill acquisition scheme with the objective to equip Nigerian youths with different skills and provide support as a startup capital and by so doing, the rate of unemployment in the country will gradually reduce, hence the reduction of crime rate within the country and making Nigeria a more safe place to live.

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Monday, 5 June 2017

Sokoto Govt Approves N2bn for Its Students’ Tuition and Allowance Payments

The provision of upkeep allowances and the payment of tuition fee of Sokoto State students studying in Nigeria and overseas, has be approved by its government by giving out two billion naira.
Image of Alhaji Isha Gada
The payment of the entitlement of Sokoto students studying in Sudan and Bangladesh has been concluded by the ministry as disclosed on Friday by Alhaji Isah Gada who is the commissioner for Higher Education.

Isah said that the State Government has giving an extremely large support to the State Scholarship Board and that payments will soon be made to the States students who are studying in Uganda and other institutions across the globe.

He further said that 20,000 of the state students which include both returning and fresh students were sponsored by the state government. Isah disclosed the most challenge facing the scholarship bord as lack of operational Vehicles.

He also ensures that the board are working to see that payments gets to students faster and easier as the boars had started processing students information electronically.

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5 Things that Affect Students Academic Performance In Nigeria.

There are a lot of things that can affect the educational performance of a student basically in Nigeria. An academic institute consists of students with different backgrounds, different behavior and of course different lifestyle.
Image of Factors that affect the performance of student in Nigeria

Below are the key factors that influence the academic performance of a student.

1. Peer Group:  
This may involve people of the same interest, age group and mostly friends. Members of this group can easily influence the persons character or belief.

Hence a students peer group in school is likely to be his friends and his or her academic performance can be highly influenced by his or her friends.

Therefore if a student has a good peer group, its likely that this student will do well in his or her studies and vice versa. For instance, a students whose friends prefer going to the club to studies might be influenced by friends. In club, there are a lot of activities like dancing, smoking, drinking and so on. A student whose friends does all these may end up doing the same.

However a student whose peer are serious with studies is likely to be influenced, hence ending up with good grades.

2. Teacher or Lecturer:
A tutor plays a great role in the academic performance of a student. The simplicity of a tutors teaching helps to spur the understanding of a student. A tutor that possess a friendly ability during teaching, will easily identify when a student is not understanding and when he or she is communicating positively to the student.

For instance, in most Nigerian higher institutions, lecturers always tell student that they will not go into details since its assumed they must have learnt that while in the secondary school, but secondary school teachers will always tell students that they will be thought in details when they get to the higher institution. From this, it is observed that it takes a bright student who went through this to gain this unknown detailed information, while dull students will be lost and this might greatly affect their academic performance.

Therefore a tutor whose teachings are not friendly and understandable, will wrongly affect the academic performance of his or her student.

3. Resources Available:
The availability of resources and materials used to study goes a long way to determine the academic performance of a student. A student with the necessary required materials like text book and handouts, is likely to increase in academic performance.

A student, who's text books and handouts are not handy can be affected academically, because there is nothing to study with and it will be a great stress to borrow from friends.

For instance in most Nigerian higher institutions, the resources handy to the student help to increase marks. Here huge points are awarded to students that bought their lectures text books and handouts.

However the availability of Materials like pen, books, money for upkeep, wears and so on, will help student  to concentrate  in their studies, since the student don't have to use the study time to work and earn money for the resources needed for studies.

4. Learning Conditions:
A students academic performance can be greatly affected by environmental and learning conditions. The number of students per tutor determine the average understanding of the  students.

In Most Nigerian higher institutions, a lecturer is assigned to teach thousands of students at the same time. Learning involves commitment and concentration to what the tutor is saying. Most of the lecturers, do not use public address system during lectures, now how will students hear what the lecturer is saying, what is the comfort of the lecture, how many persons voice could be heard.

All this can discourage a student from studying, thereby affecting the academic performance of the student positively.
But if there are a few number of students to a tutor, it will definitely turn the lecture into a sort of friendly conversation and this can go a long way to positively increase the grade of a student.

5. Self Hardwork:
Most students in higher institutions, do not know their primary reason in school. While in school, there are a lot of distractions and this has a great effect on a student's academic performance. The social activities in school causes a distractions to student and reduces his or her reading level.

In Nigeria, there are a lot of social activities in higher institutions, for instance award nights of different discipline and SUG week. The issue behind this activities is that it is done a week  or two weeks to the semesters Examination, which psychologically disorganize students and results to low grades.

A student should begin studies on time, most successful students begin studies from the first day of lecture, some even before lecture begins for the semester.

When this factors above are considered and positively worked on, then the academic performance of students will result to Excellent grades and the world will be filled with amazing students whose parents will  be proud to have as kid.

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Thursday, 1 June 2017

Imagine Having This Bunk in NYSC Camps

Imagine having this bunks in NYCS camping halls. Below are some NYSC camping bunks and halls with State indicated.
Image for Ideal state NYSC bunk

This post is focused on sharing your personal thoughts, on how you think NYSC camping halls and bunks should look like.

Based on some findings, below are few states bunk and its camping hall.

Sokoto State:
Image of Sokoto state NYSC  bunk

Kwara State:
Image for Kwara state NYSC  bunk

Image for Kwara state NYSC  bunk

Kogi State:
Image for Kogi state NYSC  bunk

Rivers State:

Image for Rivers state NYSC  bunk

Akwa-Ibom State:
Image for Akwa-Ibom state NYSC  camping hall with bunks

Taraba State:
Image for Taraba state NYSC  bunk

Plateau State:
Image for Plateau state NYSC  bunk

Enugu State:
Image for Enugu state NYSC  bunk

With the images displayed above, I think it will be nice to share your view on how Nigeria should treat its graduates and not like a secondary school students.

Use the comment box below to share your view.

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Jamb: 80,000 UTME Results Withheld Over Exam Malpractice

Prof. Is-haq Olayede, Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) Registrar, said that over 80,000 jamb results were withheld due to suspects over malpractice.
Image for Prof. Is-haq Olayede
On Wednesday during the briefing of the press at Abuja, Jamb chief Executive, stated that over 1.6 million results of over 1.7 million candidates results of 2017 UTME have been releases.

According to him, about 3,811 candidates registered twice, based on the investigation, more than half of this candidates have registered earlier.

The Registrar said that in accordance with their promise to publish results earlier, results were being published before 24 hours of any examination.

In his words: “So far, we have released 1,606,901 results leaving us with a balance of 80,889 and out of which we have deliberately withheld 76,123 because of examination malpractices.

According to him, the results were released to prove to those who doubt their capacity that it could be done within 24 hours.

The JAMB boss further said that candidates whose results were withheld will be published after it must have been verified before the nest academic session.

The Registrar also emphasized on the high growth of examination malpractices within the country which he said was aided by Computer Base Teaching (CBT) centres, teachers and parents.

He also disclosed that some of the CBT centers deliberately extort money from candidates by exploiting their data so that they can come back and pay more money for corrections.

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