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Tuesday, 20 June 2017

16 Top Class Information You Need to Know Before Entering Nysc Camp

As the NYSC prospective corps members are getting ready for orientation camp, there are some things to have in mind which no one can tell you.
Image for NYSC corp members in camp
However, NansForum.Com Team have put together some information you need to know while preparing for the three weeks orientation camp, as listed below.

1: Ensure to be in camp as early as possible to choose a nice bed space. The orientation course is for three weeks and you wouldn't like to spend three weeks in a room you don't like.

2: Ensure to carefully choose your room. Locate bunks close to a working wall socket for charging, and a working ceiling fan because of heat. Also choose the top bunk to enjoy the ceiling fan or choose a bunk that is close to the window.

3: It is advice to to get buy a padlock for your bags and a waist pouch for your phones, keys and money. This will help you preserve your valuables.

4: Mosquito Net is necessary. Try going to the camp with a mosquito net. There are dirty and swampy areas in some camps, mosquito net is essential to prevent sickness while in camp.

5: Ensure you write your code number with permanent maker on your cloths, if you plan to give it to the dry cleaners, to avoid mixing it up with others.

6: Set you alarm daily and ensure to wake up on time before the drill instructor arrives.

7: Socialize and make good friends. In camp some corp members meet their spouse, and some destiny helpers.

8: This is crazy, but you can visit the mosque for prayers if you still need more sleep.

9: Drills helps you to keep fit, though it might be stressful initially.

10: Have a schedule on how you spend your money, Things are expensive in camp, hence, it is advised you go with more money depending on your spendings, but if you manage your self well, camp will be fun for you.

11: Get your request letter from the place you prefer for PPA and submit it to your platoon leader on time.

12: Ensure to sleep with any opportunity you have, as you will wake up on time almost everyday.

13: In case you are seriously I'll, ask you platoon leader on how to apply for 'EXEAT'. You will be allowed to go out of the camp and take care of your self.

14: Joining the Martial art classes are fun and will educate you on self-defense. You can also join Martial art if you don't want to march with your platoon.

15: It is important to fill the 'BOOK OF LIFE' while in camp.

16: Finally have fun as much as you can.

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NansForum Team



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