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Monday, 5 June 2017

5 Things that Affect Students Academic Performance In Nigeria.

There are a lot of things that can affect the educational performance of a student basically in Nigeria. An academic institute consists of students with different backgrounds, different behavior and of course different lifestyle.
Image of Factors that affect the performance of student in Nigeria

Below are the key factors that influence the academic performance of a student.

1. Peer Group:  
This may involve people of the same interest, age group and mostly friends. Members of this group can easily influence the persons character or belief.

Hence a students peer group in school is likely to be his friends and his or her academic performance can be highly influenced by his or her friends.

Therefore if a student has a good peer group, its likely that this student will do well in his or her studies and vice versa. For instance, a students whose friends prefer going to the club to studies might be influenced by friends. In club, there are a lot of activities like dancing, smoking, drinking and so on. A student whose friends does all these may end up doing the same.

However a student whose peer are serious with studies is likely to be influenced, hence ending up with good grades.

2. Teacher or Lecturer:
A tutor plays a great role in the academic performance of a student. The simplicity of a tutors teaching helps to spur the understanding of a student. A tutor that possess a friendly ability during teaching, will easily identify when a student is not understanding and when he or she is communicating positively to the student.

For instance, in most Nigerian higher institutions, lecturers always tell student that they will not go into details since its assumed they must have learnt that while in the secondary school, but secondary school teachers will always tell students that they will be thought in details when they get to the higher institution. From this, it is observed that it takes a bright student who went through this to gain this unknown detailed information, while dull students will be lost and this might greatly affect their academic performance.

Therefore a tutor whose teachings are not friendly and understandable, will wrongly affect the academic performance of his or her student.

3. Resources Available:
The availability of resources and materials used to study goes a long way to determine the academic performance of a student. A student with the necessary required materials like text book and handouts, is likely to increase in academic performance.

A student, who's text books and handouts are not handy can be affected academically, because there is nothing to study with and it will be a great stress to borrow from friends.

For instance in most Nigerian higher institutions, the resources handy to the student help to increase marks. Here huge points are awarded to students that bought their lectures text books and handouts.

However the availability of Materials like pen, books, money for upkeep, wears and so on, will help student  to concentrate  in their studies, since the student don't have to use the study time to work and earn money for the resources needed for studies.

4. Learning Conditions:
A students academic performance can be greatly affected by environmental and learning conditions. The number of students per tutor determine the average understanding of the  students.

In Most Nigerian higher institutions, a lecturer is assigned to teach thousands of students at the same time. Learning involves commitment and concentration to what the tutor is saying. Most of the lecturers, do not use public address system during lectures, now how will students hear what the lecturer is saying, what is the comfort of the lecture, how many persons voice could be heard.

All this can discourage a student from studying, thereby affecting the academic performance of the student positively.
But if there are a few number of students to a tutor, it will definitely turn the lecture into a sort of friendly conversation and this can go a long way to positively increase the grade of a student.

5. Self Hardwork:
Most students in higher institutions, do not know their primary reason in school. While in school, there are a lot of distractions and this has a great effect on a student's academic performance. The social activities in school causes a distractions to student and reduces his or her reading level.

In Nigeria, there are a lot of social activities in higher institutions, for instance award nights of different discipline and SUG week. The issue behind this activities is that it is done a week  or two weeks to the semesters Examination, which psychologically disorganize students and results to low grades.

A student should begin studies on time, most successful students begin studies from the first day of lecture, some even before lecture begins for the semester.

When this factors above are considered and positively worked on, then the academic performance of students will result to Excellent grades and the world will be filled with amazing students whose parents will  be proud to have as kid.

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