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Wednesday, 7 June 2017

6 Major Reasons Why Students Hate Teachers

Students like every other person have feelings and reactions over certain things. Some students are shortsighted and immature, this affects their understanding on how teachers behave.
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However you may think that your students don't hate you. Some students don't hate teacher and you may be one in a million that students love. There is a clear probability that some of your students hate you and you may not realise it. Below are some  reasons why students hate teachers.

1. Too Much Rules and Strictness:
Students are already face with a lot of rules most at home and will be ever happy whenever  they can exercise freedom. Hence, students have a lot of hatred on teachers with much rules as they are generally seen as wicked.

However, a teacher who is strict, should expect a lot of hatred from students, because students are like every other person and will like to exercise freedom.

2. Display of Partiality :
The display of public favouritism where a teacher shows more interest on some students especially intelligent students than the dull ones will cause a lot of hatred. Students like every other person want to be loved and cared for.

A teacher who favours some students and not all will be hated by many students even some he is interested in.

3. Assignments: 
Students generally dislikes assignments and sees it stressful. Teachers who gives tideous, complex and plenty assignments are seen by students as teachers who stress them a lot.

Students needs time to have fun or play and not allocating the entire time on assignments.

4: Sarcasm:
Students dislikes teachers who mocks them and hates them a lot. This is not good on students and can make them feel inferior.

It is not funny but looks childish and brings a lot of hatred on teachers.

5. Contacting Parents:
The awful thing students don't want to hear is " I will call your Mum", "I will call your Dad", " come along with your parents to school tomorrow".

Most teacher do this and end up not loved by students.

6. Lack of Preparation:
A teacher who  is not prepared for lecture ends up being confused and students hates this. Teachers should always prepare for class before teaching and by doing this will teach extensively to the best understanding of the students and also tackle questions asked by students.

Do you need my advise? Alright.
Students are like every normal person, they need love, care, companionship and freedom. Teachers should be friendly to all their students. Teachers should show care and love to all their students. Hear them out, talk to them softly, educate them on things outside the syllabus.

While teaching, make your class lively and bring up funny jokes, tell educating stories outside the syllabus. Always stay around your students as it creates a strong relationship bond. Do not place strict rules on your students. If all this are applied, there will be a great student teacher relationship and learning will be smooth, learning will look like mother daughter conversation. Where an interactive class can be achieved and teachers can easily figure out the weak point of students and work on it.

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