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Thursday, 8 June 2017

Life After School: What's Next After Graduation

There are a lot of joy as the final year students celebrates after their second semester final paper. The question still remain "What is next after graduation". What do you plan after school. A lot of students find it hard to answer this question.
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This is a period when everyone looks up to you. This is a period when you live an independent life without expecting the normal pocket money you get from your parents, uncles and aunts.

After spending four, five, or six years in school, what can you offer. The point is that most undergraduates do not have plan of what life after school will look like and may be carried away with studies and other school activities.

However, some undergraduates are filled with the mindset of graduating, going for NYSC, then Job. Have you ever thought of the number of students graduating from the same department with you in the same institution? Have you ever thought of the number of tertiary institutions in the country? Have you ever thought of the number of students in the same discipline with you and graduating with you from this institutions. From a general view, there are thousands of students with similar discipline graduating every year from the higher institutes across the country. What makes you think you will get the Job?

It is quite unfortunate that we find ourselves in a country like Nigeria, where Job, Security, and other amenities is a big challenge. A country where its economy is affecting the poor and the rich.

Therefore it takes a unique graduate with innovative, creative and industrious abilities to top the chart. From facts, most of the successful billionaires and millionaires in the word never attended the higher institution or where still undergraduates when they got to the pick. David Geffen, Micky Arison, Lex Wexnee, Steve Jobs, Mark Zucherberg, Him Saban, John Paul Dejoria, and David Green were all successful without graduating from college or University.
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It takes determination, commitment and consistency to be successful. The 35th President of United States, John F. Kennedy once said that you should not ask what the country will do for you rather ask what you will do for the country.

NYSC is a whole one year and you can use it to plan for future.
Every Man has that unique potential installed by God and that is what makes you different from others. Use this one year and equip yourself with skills. This country needs one to be versatile and unleash this unique potentials to make a difference.

Generally, there are three factors that will push you to the pick in this our generation, they include the skills you have, the talents you possess and your discipline. This three factors gives you a bridge over others.

Finally, wake up, plan your future, stay committed and consistent in what you do.

Pray, Decide wisely, Keep striving and stand out of the crowd.

May God grace and help your effort.

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