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Tuesday, 6 June 2017

NYSC Should not be Scrapped But Restructured

National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) is a scheme established by the then Head of State General Yakubu Gowon, after the Nigerian civil war 1967-1970, with the mission to unit the country.
Image for NYSC corp members
From the day this scheme was established till date, there are some factors that greatly points out the negative effect of NYSC to Nigerian youths.

1. Insecurity:
With the current insurgency of Boko Haram around the northeastern part of the country, the life's of corp members deployed to states in this region are faced with insecurity which could lead to death.

2.Waste of Time:
NYSC scheme is a compulsory one year program which is a lot of time as youths can engage in other activities that can greatly equip and set them for life. Most Nigerian graduates can start Master programs within or outside the country within this one year interval.

Also with the slow system of Nigerian education where results takes a lot of time to be reconciled by the institution's Senate members, time taken for clearance in the institute a big stress, and NYSC mobilization processes, a student can wait for almost a year before serving the father land. Analysing this, a Nigerian Student spends two years or more after graduating from school before working or begin a Master program which is a huge east of time.

3. NYSC has Over lived its Usefulness:
The usefulness of NYSC is to unit the nation by sending corp members to other part of the country can now be manipulated as most of the corp members work their way out to serve at their State of choice. This involves the bribing some scheme officials hence causing an increase in bribery and corruption in the country.

4. Waste of Resources:
The Federal Government spends a lot of fund that can be used to create an entrepreneurial scheme which will help to equip Nigerian Youths with different skills, by so doing, it will set the life of youth for financial freedom instead of seeking for white corla jobs.

5. Sudden Death of Corpses:
This scheme have caused the death of so many Nigerian youths. Okonta Samuel was a victim as shot dead by some gunmen during the Rivers State reran election held on March 19th 2016. This scheme has caused a lot of loss to families within the country.

For me, I think NYSC should be restructured into an entrepreneurial skill acquisition scheme with the objective to equip Nigerian youths with different skills and provide support as a startup capital and by so doing, the rate of unemployment in the country will gradually reduce, hence the reduction of crime rate within the country and making Nigeria a more safe place to live.

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