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Thursday, 8 June 2017

Why JAMB's Grade Point System is Not a Criteria into Tertiary Institutions In Nigeria

The results of candidates who participated in the recently concluded UTME revealed that most Candidates did well in the examination. Jamb developed a grade point system which will serve as a Criteria into the tertiary institutions in Nigeria.
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This system involves the use of Jamb scores and O'level results integrated into points to determine candidates to be enrolled into the higher institutions.

However, many tertiary institutions in Nigeria adopt a different system instead of the one developed by Jamb. This can be seen in last year's admission where Lagos State University (LASU) uses 10 point for A1 in all O'level results and the same year, University of Ibadan (UI) uses 6 points for all O'level results. The above shows that this model developed by Jamb is not used by all the tertiary institutions across the country and as such different Criteria are used by different institutions.

Also, the use of Catchment Area List, Admission quota, educationally Less developed states (ELDS) are used by almost all the  tertiary institutions in the country. Now if the above Criteria are used to offer admissions to candidates into the tertiary institutions, then candidates who have low average are admitted while candidates with higher average are not admitted, hence the grade point system are not used.

In fact the offer of admission into tertiary institutions in Nigeria requires influence or what is called "IM" then in addition with Jamb scores and O'level grades.

All this sounds discouraging, but you don't have to be discouraged. We all have to be optimistic that in years to come, admissions will be given on a merit ground as it is done in other countries. This post was published to help you take decisions like Change of institutions, Change of course and also get you prepared.

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